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Acrylic services

Deciding what nails you want can be tricky, head over to our Instagram to check out some of our favourite nails, and don't forget to check the highlights section! To make things a little simpler when choosing which type of appointment you would like we have added a section below describing what each different service is and also explained the infill and re design process. If you have any further questions or have a specific design you would like then feel free to message me directly and ill be happy to help.


Acrylic Services

Clear acrylic with gel colour

Clear coloured acrylic with any gel colour applied on top.

Core coloured acrylic with gel

Core coloured acrylic is a choice of nudes/pink and milky white base, basic gel design can be painted on top, for example French manicure or swirls, if your wanting something more intricate add on 'Nail art add on' to your booking.

Classic Ombre

Classic Ombre nails with nude / pink to white colours.

Marble acrylic design / Marble Ombre

All acrylic marble nails, either full marble or you can also have marble Ombre

Plain coloured acrylic or coloured Ombre

Plain all acrylic colour or coloured Ombre

Ombre Nails with 1-2 feature nails

Classic ombre set with 1-2 feature nails, this can be glitter, marble, nail gems or sequins, glitter design ect... The choices are endless!

Acrylic overlay with gel

Acrylic overlay on natural nails in either clear acrylic with gel or core coloured acrylic with gel, depending on which design you have in mind.

Infills and Re-designs

There is a lot of different acrylic options so getting your infill appointment right can be tricky. 
If you are have previously had an all acrylic design, for example ombre, marble, or plain coloured acrylic and you are planning on having an infill of the same design and colour , then you book an INFILL. 
So if you had an ombre set done and you want to have ombre again in the same colours then you book an infill. 
If for example, you have ombre done, and then you decide that you want a core coloured acrylic with a gel design then you need to add a RE DESIGN to your booking. 
Go ahead and book in the set that you want (core acrylic with gel design) and then go in again and book in a RE DESIGN. 
I hope this makes sense, if you have any issues or questions please do not hesitate to contact me and i will be more than happy to help.

Nail art & Add ons

Nail art is my absolute passion and I love seeing pictures and inspo that you may have in mind for your nail appointment! Simple nail art, foils, 1 sticker per hand, gems and sequins are included with ALL sets. Intricate nail art or multiple stickers/ gems/ sequins  will be at an extra cost. This will be discussed when choosing the design, if you want to double check before your appointment then feel free to message me and i can confirm a price.

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